If you’re like me, you have become interested in how to start your own Kitchen Garden. Or maybe you have an outdoor garden and want to harvest year-round! So, let’s talk about hydroponics…gardening indoors without soil.

I started growing my own food as a way of guaranteeing quality… Now I don’t have to rely on labels to know that my food is grown without GMOs and the use of harmful pesticides. I also know that no matter what happens at the supermarket… I’ll have a steady stream of fresh vegetables and fruit to support my family.

If you currently rely on store-bought food, it is likely you are consuming GMOs/pesticides which can be detrimental to health. More specifically, GMO/pesticide-contaminated food causes immune problems, accelerated aging, and allergies.

As hinted… let’s be prepared in the case of an emergency. Food shortages, while rare, are still a real possibility. In addition to food kits, my garden gives my family the edge to help survive any unknown food supply concerns. Hard times now and ahead means your own access to a healthy, climate-controlled, pesticide-free food source is more important than ever.

One of the reasons hydroponics has become so popular… Recent studies on hydroponic farming prove it to have many benefits. Plants grown hydroponically are of exceedingly high quality, occupy less space, and consume fewer resources than traditional growing methods. Hydroponic techniques also make it easy to grow large amounts of vegetables in small spaces or even indoors. This makes it easy to grow year-round food.

Ok… Hydroponic Gardens are useful (and cool!), but they look so complicated! How do I get started?

As anyone that’s been to a grocery store knows… It’s hard to find non-GMO foods. So much food goes unlabeled… you don’t know what you’re going to get. And the non-GMO food labels just mean that the seller can charge much more than the food is worth. Like me, I don’t doubt you feel robbed every time you pay for organic foods.

This is where growing your own food comes into play. By doing so, you have access to organic, non-GMO/pesticide foods without having to pay excess amounts of money. In fact, you have the added benefit of knowing exactly where your food came from and who grew it.

Once you start eating from your own garden, health benefits are too noticeable to ignore. Skin instantly clears up, and brain fog is gone 😉 It’s amazing how medicinal good food can be, something we often ignore. My friends love to come over and see my garden; it is completely mind-blowing what can be done with common objects to develop your gardens at relatively low costs and quickly reap the savings!

Don’t let the word hydroponic scare you. Although large-scale growers use this system to grow massive amounts of products in a short period of time, the system is not limited to commercial agricultural use. You can have your very own hydroponic system at home and get started right away growing tasty produce all year long.

While the basic concept of hydroponics is growing in nutrient solution with or without the use of an organic medium, many methods have been developed over the years to suit different purposes and the availability of resources.

You don’t have to be a gardening mastermind to grow your own edible plants — and don’t need space for an outside garden! In fact, most plants can be grown indoors, even in a tiny apartment space. Just imagine all you have to do upon waking up in the morning is take a few steps to tend your crops!

Cross Creek Hydroponics assists in starting your innovative indoor climate-controlled and greenhouse gardening process providing education opportunities, and introducing clean nutritious produce to local children and families in food deserts while empowering families and communities in economic, nutritious, and social ways.

Using vertical ZipTowers for year-round growing and high tunnel greenhouses extends the growing season twofold… both methods use significantly less water and labor. No dirt=No insects; thereby absolutely NO poisonous herbicides here.

Hands-on growing, preparation and harvesting of healthy food encourages lifestyles for a better quality of life, reaches into rural regions, and energizes urban development. Vacant buildings can become vibrant indoor gardens, supporting inner city and surrounding villages with active community garden plots, produce stands, and even a new crop generation of family-run farms …now that’s Cool!

Build – Grow – Learn
Engaging youth and Community in methods of providing fresh produce year-round. This encourages healthy lifestyles with an opportunity to participate in indoor gardening ~ A positive influence: ‘Give a man a fish; feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime

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Strengthening family values and servant’s hearts is vital to a strong community. One of the biggest issues so many faces today is financial stability. Affordable, nutritious food is out of reach for some and a burden for many. This leads to dependence on inadequate resources such as processed food and government programs.

Our mission is to help your community by introducing hydroponic methods of growing fresh produce and education on healthy eating and sustainable lifestyles. The product can be distributed to the participants, community pantry kitchens, and other charities. Families are taught how to grow vegetables in the indoor education centers and/or greenhouses operated by the initiative and ultimately in their own gardens.

We are entirely centered on community involvement and support. Due to rising transportation and regulation costs, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seed stock creates less than nutritious food, there is an increased need for local sources of nutrition. Looking at the future we know local, fresh, healthy food sources are important to the healthy growth of our community and vital for strong family bonds. Our experience allows us to provide guidance toward nutritious food for children and families in food deserts while empowering families and communities in economic, nutritious, and social ways.

Cross Creek Hydroponics continues to be a positive influence in support of the initial vision of the ‘Fresh Food for Children Project’. This is done with the support of government and state sources, local business owners and leaders, Town Hall, and other civic organizations. Education STEM grants often provide funds to schools for the installation of GrowWalls and Dignified eLearning curricula to excite youth toward a lifetime of happiness and health.

Springboro students come together to create “blessing box,” give food to those in need.

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Education Centers:
North & South Carolina; Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio

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