About Me and My Why.

From a corporate environment in the Technology industry to the Foothills of North Carolina and along the Appalachian Trail came a vision for this mission.

In overgrown yet thriving greenhouses on Cross Creek Road atop the Blue Ridge Plateau, we began self-taught hydroponic methods to grow year-round in every rural and urban food desert region.

Once the first education center was launched in Elkin NC we quickly learned the importance of not just BUILD and GROW but offering opportunities for hands-on experience to LEARN about the goodness of healthy foods.

Growing food without soil has solved many of the world’s hunger problems making fresh food available in places where it was previously not possible… What we do to do is help bring this method to any Main Street in Everytown.

Today our pleasure is working with community missions, public, private and parochial schools, civic organizations, local businesses, and corporate leaders … all of who have the same passion to provide for those who seek healthier life choices but may lack immediate resources.


Tami Kincer and Bentley.


Education Centers:
North & South Carolina; Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio

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